✧ Weekly Planner for 2022 ✧

Get ready for the new Year with my artful Weekly Planner for 2022

And here is a new year which begins in a month, and full of projects in mind. But like any young mother – or any creative woman, time flies so quickly, and I have time for nothing. Beside my Weekly Planner for 2022, I created my 2022 Calendar “Co-create with your soul”. I created it in order to stay connected to the energy of the moon, and the energy of my cycles. I take a daily loot at it to be more in harmony with myself and my entourage.

My Calendar 2022 is available in English and Portuguese.
Printed on 300g paper, ready to hang against the wall.

All about the Weekly Planner for 2022

At the same time, I created a weekly planner for 2022 in order to be able to note the important things during my week. In general, the most important part of a Weekly planner is the To-do list. But let’s be honest, when you are a mom and in addition a freelancer, our To-do list would not fit on an A4 sheet because there is so much to do. But above all, it would be depressing because in real life we ​​will not even be able to do 10 % of all the things we want to do.

So my weekly planner for 2022 wants to be motivated, wants to be positive, and above all to be a tool that does us good and helps us and not the opposite.

  • So the first column of my weekly planner is about small wins. Because yes, when you have time for nothing, everything you manage to do is a victory! Whether it’s cutting our baby’s nails or successfully sending that professional email, it’s important to write it down and recognize what we have done.
  • My second column is about new ideas. Because yes, if our brain has to think of 50 thousand things, and like any creative soul, we always have new ideas, but often neither the time nor the space to write it down, and we forget it. And yet, it is scientifically recognized that creativity is one of the best therapies. So take the time to write it down before forgetting it. Whether it’s an idea of ​​how to organize your panties in a more practical way or the project of the year to start your business, keep track of these ideas that pass in your way. You never know where it can take you!
  • The third column is for the few things you have to do, a mini To-do list, achievable format. Just to remember and that if you feel like doing it, it will always be a good thing!
  • And finally, a space to keep track of a thought, an event, a moment of mindfulness.

Download your own Weekly Planner for 2022

You can download the weekly planner for free, and use it whenever you want!
Hope you like it, feel free to tag me on Instagram if you use it, and I would love to hear your feedback.

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