Holistic Tattoo Art by Manon Z aka ZM Free Spirit

๐–ฅธ Holistic Tattoo Artist & Free Spirit ๐–ฅธ

Hi, my name is Manon Z’.
I’m a holistic tattoo artist and an energy & psychological worker.

โˆ My last reflexion โˆ

โ˜พ My philosophy of life

Life is a perpetual transformation, which stirs us between challenges and magical moments.

But no matter what happens to us, our personal development and our happiness depends only on us and our ability to respect and love our inner being.

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โ˜พ My work & passion

Through my art, both my holistic tattoo art and my customized designs, I seek to create a unique energetic signature, which through my holistic work (touching the psychological, emotional and physical body) will allow a form of healing, spiritual transformation and soul alignment.

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โž I just want to inspire you to be a conscious mind, an open heart, & a shining soul โ


My services & products


Through my holistic tattoo work, I seek to translate your energy signature and your intention, in order to create a meaningful tattoo that will act as a sacred talisman.

I will use symbols and guide you through personal introspection, to find the true essence of your future tattoo.

This holistic work creates a spiritual tattoo that will support you in your personal development throughout your life, as it will carry the very energy of your soul.

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Knowing that it is not always possible to come and get a holistic tattoo with me, I propose to create personalized designs. My Custom llustrations will carry all the meaning and energy that you need and want in your skin. Up to you to get it ink or just keep it as reminds of your energy.

Through some guidance, I will help you find the exact symbols and energy that your soul is looking for in order to create a visual, that will carry the very essence of your intention.

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Through my shop I offer you products of my creation and in partnership with magnificent souls. It is my aim to transmit you lots of good vibrations, self-love and above all the desire to follow your own voice.

Everything you will find here is made from the heart and full of authenticity.

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โž Listen to your instincts, trust yourself, because even if some days are challenging, your soul just want to shine, and you are the only one who can decide in which direction to go. โ

Conscious life

Energy and psychological worker

In perpetual search for more sensitivity, more meaning in my life, I have always been interested in Chinese medicine, energy therapies, cycles of the moon, psychology and personal development … etc.ย 

I am in perpetual learning and personal evolution ...

For me everything that happens in our life is there to guide us, to move us forward. And I like to share my art, my thoughts, my discoveries, my rituals in order to inspire you and help you on your own path.

Feel free to travel in my universe …

โž The day you will be able to dance in the storm, will be the day you will embrace the power of your conscience and the strength of your soul. โ


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