Conscious Ink

Spiritual tattoo artist & Energy worker

❝ Consciously tattooing is from a different mindset than just getting a tattoo for vanity purposes.

It’s about setting an intention, consciously embodying the images and symbols, to find the deeper healing, transformative powers within yourself. The most interesting journey you can take is into the self…

Once you understand yourself, wholeness is achieved. You can have an awakening that affirms all answers are accessible from within if you look for the signs and symbols that hold valuable clues for accessing your amazing intuitive knowledge…

Tattoos are a spiritual healing modality that symbolically lets you access the realms of your consciousness… ❞

Holistic Tattoo

From your soul to your skin

A tattoo is not only a pretty design on your skin.

Your spiritual tattoo is your new talisman expressing your energy. Every line and dot have to give you the good vibes and inspiration you need to enjoy the rest of your life. Getting ink doesn’t have to be just a painful experience. It’s firstly the moment you let me write your story on your skin forever …

My work is called hollistic, because it’s not just about having a new tattoo. It is also about all the process of creation and introspection.

The human brain does not differentiate between an experience it has and a memory it remembers. Every emotion, every sensation provokes an energetic and hormonal reaction inside our body. That means, that every time we look or think about our spiritual tattoo, we will feel all the energy that we put into the tattoo when creating it and inking it in. Energy that was transmitted directly to your energetic and physical body at the time of tattooing.

This is why the most important part of my work is to translate the very essence of your soul. I want to express your intention through a design, that will be tattooed accompanied by energy work. The result is a sacred talisman, that will nourish you. A spiritual tattoo will heal you for the rest of your life.

❞ A holistic tattoo act as sacred talisman for your souls evolution and healing process. ❝

What services do I offer ?

Tattoo appointment & Custom Design


Make an appointment for a tattoo.
You have a tattoo project and you want to make it happen in my hands.

My tattoo studio
I’ve got my private tattoo studio in the West Coast of Algarve in Portugal, in the middle of Aljezur. 

Guest spots
At Mermaid Tattoo Studio in Lajares.

My work being energetic in addition to being creative, the price is not based on the size of the project, but on the work and energy that will be required of me.
I will send you a cost estimate once I have a clear idea of your project.


↠ You are looking for a unique spiritual tattoo design with all your energy that you can get tattooed by another artist. 
You would like to work with me but haven’t had the opportunity to come to me or live in a different area/country.

↠ You would love an intuitive artwork for your home/sacred space or for your business.
This option can be equally good for a decorative print or logo.

↠ You would love to bring through an holistic tattoo that you can get tattooed with me, but need time to be with the design.
Knowing that some tattoo requires a certain time and a certain reflection in order to take shape and to be perfect for the intention of your soul, this option gives us time to go even deeper. We will start first by creation your design together and once it’s perfect for you we can set an appointment to make it real in your skin. 

How to work with me ?

How to share your project with me.

❈ Elements I need to imagine your tattoo.

What is the intention of this new tattoo?
If you already know where you want it on your body and more or less the size and shape…
What are the elements you want on it? Elements that have a strong meaning for you, translating you a special energy.
What do you want to feel when you look at it ?
Some inspirations– illustration, pictures, tattoos… – that inspire you about this project.

❊ Contact

✧ You can send me an email at

✧ Or directly go through my contact form. 

❞ Intentions are such a powerful tool, and where we put our focus is where we create our experiences reality. ❝

Things to know...

More about my spiritual tattoos
Spiritual Tattoos by ZM Free Spirit

What makes my spiritual tattoos special?

My unique line style that combines fine lines and dotwork with ornamental and graphic design. And most importantly, my holistic approach that requires giving meaning and purpose to each element to create a tattoo that, in addition to looking aesthetically pleasing and flowing, also allows us to work on self-reflection and connection with ourselves to know ourselves better and acknowledge our inner strengths.

Why should you decide to entrust me with your new tattoo?

If my line style appeals to you and you want a unique design, I will always strive to create something unique and truly personal. Compared to other tattoo artists, I have a desire to create a design that speaks to your soul and not just your mind and the idea you have. If you are looking for an experience that makes sense in your personal development and life path, I would be a tattoo artist that will give you the opportunity to make your tattoo more than just a beautiful drawing on your body, but a tool/jewellery that will help you follow your unique path.

My creative deadlines

In order to accept a project, I will first ask for fairly precise information, even if it means exchanging emails or meeting until I have a clear idea of your project. But I’m doing everything myself so my delay to answer to email will be around max 2 weeks. If after this time I haven’t answered you, you can get back to me

Once the project is accepted I will start working on the design.
If you want a custom design, my creation time is generally around 8-10 weeks, no need to remind me, I will send you my design proposal once ready. Once my first proposal is sent, we will spend the time necessary to make it perfect for you, if necessary.

If you have a tattoo appointment, I will send you my design proposal usually 2 days before the appointment in order to have time to make changes to the drawing.

What do I not do?

I don’t do coloured tattoos, styles other than my own, don’t tattoo designs I haven’t created and don’t do cover-ups.

❞ Everyone needs inspiration, everyone needs a reminder of how magical being we are ❝