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Thank you so much for your interest

I would love to have more about your inspirations and sensations. 

Below you will find examples of email to share your project.

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Take a moment and look inside you

❊ Example of email

✧ Your name & Instagram account – if you feel to share it with me.

✧ Shape of the design.
If it’s for a tattoo: where you want it on your body and more or less the size… 
Knowing that each part of the body have a special energy, try to feel where this future tattoo belong or when you will need to see it.
If it’s for a print: Which size and format are looking for…

✧ What is the intention of this design?

✧ What are the story of the design, its meaning, and its energy?

✧ What are the elements you want on it? Elements that have a strong meaning for you, translating you a special energy.

If it’s a print : do you want just black lines or some watercolors on it ?

✧ Some inspirations – illustration, pictures, tattoos, music, writing… – that inspire you about this project.

❝I'm not looking for perfection, just the best interpretations of our sensations. ❞